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* Contact: Sheldon
Fax: +27 086 273 5402

WNT is a Global IPO. An International Purchasing Office, for AFRICA.
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WNT Building,
Monument, Mogale City,
Gauteng, South Africa
P.O.Box 21834
Helderkruin 1733

Import / Export
Industrial Services
* Contact: Manny
Mobile : +27 083 355 3556
Fax: +27 086 273 5402

Sales, Marketing
* Contact: Carynne
Mobile: +27 083 301 8481
Fax: +27 086 273 5402
World National Trading Group

World National Trading was established in 1989 as a global business link to meet the needs of the trading world, in Africa.

We established various IPO (International Purchasing Offices) with associated agreements internationally, importing various commodities for distribution in Southern Africa and exporting to the SADC regions of Africa.

As growth dictated, so we diversified what is now known as WNT GROUP. A trading company registered as an Import / Export, Marketing, Sales and distribution, including Industrial Services, company.

WNT Group has been successful in bridging the global divide, with various local and international agreements, meeting the needs of demanding companies for general and specific products, sourced internationally for distribution in Southern Africa and including the SADC regions of AFRICA.

Some of the industries addressed ;
  • Automotive Part & Accessories
  • Environmental Air, Water, Waste
  • Medical / Laboratory
  • Health / Beauty
  • Engineering / Technology
  • Chemical Industry
  • Specialized Animal Feed / Veterinary Supplies
  • General Commodities
International Procurement Office | Purchasing Office SA | African Purchasing Office
WNT is a Global IPO - International Purchasing Office, that represents African Companies , Internationally.

WNT is the preferred sourcing company in Southern Africa, for and on behalf of International Companies, in South Africa, for AFRICA.

Registered with various institutes ;

Environmental - Southern Africa
WISA – Water institute of Southern Africa
NACA – National Association for Clean Air
IWMSA – Institute of Waste Management of South Africa.

IPO South Africa | Engineering Goods | Procurement South Africa
Social Responsibility - Africa
FDA - Federation for the Development of Africa – (Associate member)
NEPAD – New Partnership For Africa's Development - (Affiliated to FDA for Africa)
M.C.C.I - Mogale Chamber of Commerce & Industry

World National Trading Group endeavors to meet the needs and demands of the African Continent and its diverse Cultures and People.

International Companies are welcome for Trade Partnership Agreements, for sole
distribution of various branded manufactured goods to be distributed into Africa by
World National Trading Group.